How we do what we do

We strive to use fresh ingredients in a clean and safe environment. Our priorities are cleanliness and the quality of our product. We have our own commercial kitchen we use, and it's cleaned and scrubbed before and after each use to ensure the most sanitary of conditions. Packaging and equipment not in use are bagged and stored away to keep dust and contaminants out. Ingredients dates are always checked before use and purchased before being used. Not stocked and stored away for months.

What we make is made locally. Many of our ingredients come from the local farmers market or shops and we bake on a daily basis the days before we sell. Custom orders are always made as close to the date as possible. We never keep product to long as the best baked goods are those created moments before you take a bite. Following our guidelines ensures freshness and quality when you make a purchase from us.

We hope you enjoy the products we make as much as we enjoy serving them to you.